Hitchiner People

Delivering the highest service and product value is at the core of our principles, and is made possible through the dedication of our people. The depth of knowledge, experience, and perspective of our personnel has been a key part of meeting our customer's objectives for decades.

We nurture achievement

For every job, our personnel has the freedom, education, and training needed to implement new ideas, apply knowledge, and practice skills. Encouraging initiative is part of our culture. We strive to fosters teamwork, recognize effort and reward successes, offering equal opportunity and fair compensation for all.

We seek the most diligent talent

All of our 1,300 employees bring specialized preparation to their sphere of work. Whether in Hitchiner's R&D and engineering departments or on the manufacturing floor, our technical personnel brings a rich and diverse array of industry experience to our customers. The dedication, consistency, and reliability of our people are evident in our staff retention -- 60% of employees have been with us more than 10 years.

Developing our talent is key to Hitchiner's success. Our personnel has access to a comprehensive and rigorous leadership program, a needs development and training identification program, an educational assistance plan, courses in many disciplines from basic literacy and math to statistical process control, and comprehensive, ongoing ethics instruction. We've become a leader in workforce development, placing a high value on education and training, and maintaining challenging entrance requirements.

Hitchiner People Care

Investing in our community, as well as the company is a core value our people carry with them outside of our campus. Hitchiner people volunteer locally as fire fighters, youth coaches and athletic league organizers, town selectmen and committee members, Girl Scout and Boy Scout leaders, environmental advocates, faith leaders and contributors, and with many services, humanitarian, cultural, and philanthropic organizations.

On the job, Hitchiner people are leaders and contributors to many professional organizations such as the American Foundry Society, Investment Casting Institute, American Society for Metals, SAE International, and more.

We're Making Leaders

We believe our employees have great potential and it's our responsibility to help foster it. Hitchiner people respect and value one another, encouraging the initiative and growth that ultimately lead to the best outcomes for our customers.

Our Employees

Hear what our employees have to say about working at Hitchiner manufacturing and discover how they have taken advantage of tuition assistance and opportunities for career growth.