Our customers have come to expect high-quality products and quick turnaround times. Operations at Hitchiner's  manufacturing sites in Mexico are no exception. They consist of two locations, one in Santiago Tianguistenco providing front-end casting services, and in San Luis Potosi, a finishing and component assembly plant.


Hitchiner S.A. de C.V., 
Santiago Tianguistenco, Mexico

The Santiago Tianguistenco facility is located about 30 miles southwest of Mexico City and is the company's first offshore production facility. Since 1988, this facility has provided customers with the engineering quality that is the hallmark of Hitchiner stateside production. The modern facility offers customers 67,000 feet of manufacturing space, the latest technological advances with robotics, conveyorization and automation, as well as Hitchiner's revolutionary countergravity casting process. Facilities for tooling, layout, non-destructive testing and heat treat are provided on-site, primarily producing components in the high-volume automotive market.

The division is TS16949 and ISO14000 certified and utilizes Six Sigma methods, lean manufacturing and synchronous manufacturing principles throughout the operation to ensure quality parts and to continually improve control of the process. Installed capacity allows the casting of 2000 molds/day with the pouring of 54 metric tons of alloy/day.

Hitchiner S.A. de C.V., 
San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Hitchiner's San Luis Potosi manufacturing facility opened in 2002. Located 300 miles from Hitchiner's other Mexico facility, the Santiago Tianguistenco plant, this second Mexico facility signaling Hitchiner's transition to a full-service, TS16149-certified component manufacturer.

First-in-first-out scheduling is the rule throughout the process at this facility, and applies to raw materials as well as finished product. Six sigma process control methods are used throughout the process to insure that production always maintains product quality and integrity. A fully-equipped lab is used to certify incoming raw materials and in-process components, using coordinate measuring machines and other forms of non-destructive testing. We deliver finished products daily, packaged and shipped in accordance with customer daily requirements.

Working closely with customer counterparts, Hitchiner engineering can assist in component and assembly design to ensure effective and economical manufacturability, using advance quality planning and a total systems approach. One example of this cooperative engineering approach is the Ram Rocker Shaft Assembly designed for the Dodge Hemi engine. Rocker arm castings are produced by Hitchiner's Santiago Tianguistenco foundry and are shipped to the San Luis Potosi assembly plant with other subcomponents on an as-required basis where high-volume machining and assembly services are performed. One completed, assemblies are packaged in matching intake and exhaust engine sets, and are shipped to the Dodge engine assembly plant just-in-time and ready to be bolted into the Ram engine, cutting down on assembly time and increasing efficiency for our customers.