Our Culture

Hitchiner Manufacturing Co. Inc., is a privately owned company which seeks to balance the needs of customers, employees, and shareholders. Our strong code of conduct and core values reinforce our overall culture - creating a work environment where people feel they have the space and support to reach their full potential. We strive to create a workplace where total support is given to those individuals who make the product.

Hitchiner encourages our technical experts to take the lead in rapidly developing and applying solutions for customer challenges, and we actively pursue manufacturing improvement with 5S, Kaizen, and lean manufacturing techniques to improve customer satisfaction and productivity. To develop the skills of our employees, we are always thinking of workforce development programs that will activate employee interests for technical and management track careers.

Our vision is one where the Hitchiner employee experience is rewarding, which is a large part of why we are recognized as one of the most prestigious companies to work for within the industry.

Our Employee Relations Philosophy

Employees are Hitchiner's most valuable asset. We recognizes the individual dignity and worth of each employee. The company's is dedicated to seeing that each employee is treated as an intelligent, adult human being, with fairness and respect. The management of Hitchiner pledges to:

  • Conduct the affairs of the company at all times in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards.
  • Maintain a climate in which all employees can develop their skills and abilities to the maximum degree and prepare themselves for greater responsibility.
  • Provide an atmosphere where employee and management can discuss their mutual concerns with openness and honesty.
  • Keep employees informed about the factors within the business which concern them.
  • Make fairness, courtesy and consideration a habit in all day-to-day relationships.
  • Let each employee know how he/she is doing on the job.
  • Provide a sound, well-balanced program of employee benefits.
  • Maintain an equitable wage structure which considers both general economic factors and the company's competitive position.
  • Attain the highest standards of safety and cleanliness.