Company Code of Conduct

Respect, responsibility, and relationship are the key components of Hitchiner leadership, achievement, and success. These are the simple, sustainable values, freshly viewed for a future cultivated by bright new ideas that bring Hitchiner forward as the leading provider of innovative technology solutions in investment castings. We pledge ourselves to mindful adherence to these Principles and the forthright practice of our Company Code of Conduct.

Our Values

We respect the earth.
We spur sustainability. Responding to tomorrows urgency today, we enhance our policies and practices continuously to ensure the good health and safety of all persons, creatures, ecosystems, and communities we touch. We fulfill the environmental requirements of local, state, national, and international authorities. We're coloring casting green.

We embrace responsibility.
We take responsibility. We recognize our actions effect upon ourselves and all others with whom we come into contact. We're stepping up.

We act in good faith.
We deal in truth. We conduct our relationships with an open mind. We base our decisions and actions on the best and most complete information and analysis available. All of our transactions strike a just balance between what is offered and what is received. We're building trust.

We nurture achievement.
We seek the most diligent talent. For every job, we provide the freedom, education, and training needed to implement new ideas, apply knowledge, and practice skills. In an environment that encourages initiative, fosters teamwork, recognizes effort, and rewards success, we offer equal opportunity and fair compensation for all. We're making leaders.

We deliver quality and value.
We exceed expectations. Our market depth, rapid-response capability, competitive pricing, and high-quality products and services set ever-rising standards of value. We're striving for excellence.

We advance the art.
We challenge the status quo for every goal, objective, and task we set for ourselves. The aggressive development of better processes, systems, equipment, and ways of working is an essential and constant element of all our endeavors. We're pushing the limits.

We are good citizens.
We contribute. Through robust personal engagement and financial support of government, civic, and charitable organizations, we promote the welfare of global society and the communities in which we live and work. We're making a difference.

We honor the law.
We don't compromise. We follow the laws and regulations of the countries, states or provinces, and localities in which Hitchiner operates. This commitment is absolute. We're working right.

We guard our integrity.
We make good on our word. We affirm our leadership through vigilant adherence to the principles, ever-mindful that they are the basic elements of personal, professional, and commercial growth and achievement. We're leading by example.