Hitchiner France

To stay competitive in the global marketplace, companies need an international perspective. Hitchiner France provides our customers with the knowledge and insight of today's global market, specifically in Europe, to help companies based both in the United States and abroad grow their international presence. This office manages a sales network and provides our European customers the necessary support for successful international sourcing, including:

  • Sales contact in European languages and cultures
  • Engineering support for a thorough understanding of the counter gravity casting process capabilities (Design, FEA Calculation)
  • Project management, local subcontracting development, coordination with Hitchiner engineering
  • Quality contact for immediate reaction when required
  • Sales administration, such as transport, customs, storage, deliveries, supply chain administration

For more information about Hitchiner France's sales opportunities, please contact:

Olivier Dromard
Director, Europe Sales
Hitchiner France
153 rue Fourny, ZI, BP244
F-78532 BUC Cedex

Tel: 33-139 200 731
Fax: 33-139 209 048
Mobile: 33-607 465 120