Mark Damien Named Hitchiner Manufacturing President & COO

Mark Damien, President & Chief Operating Officer

Mark Damien, President and Chief Operating Officer at Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc.

In September of 2015, Mark Damien came onboard at Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc. as Chief Operating Officer. In the two years since his arrival, he has brought a new kind of perspective and inspiration to the company. The biggest changes have been seen in the overall quality of parts, on time delivery and greater reach in the marketplace.

Now, the Board of Directors has appointed Damien to be President and Chief Operating Officer. His role as an innovator in the company, taking us to new heights, will remain largely the same, but he will also focus on staff and systems in both our US and Mexico operations and greater input in the lean initiatives that are taking place.

About Hitchiner Manufacturing, Co., Inc.
Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Milford, New Hampshire, Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc. is the premier industrial supplier of complete-to-print, high-volume, complex thin-wall investment castings and fully-finished casting-based subassemblies and components. Leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and other industries around the globe use our castings and rely on Hitchiner to provide volume production, reduced lead-times, and just-in-time manufacturing.