Why Women Choose Careers In Manufacturing in New Hampshire


Women are seeking careers in manufacturing more than ever

Today's manufacturing industry requires workers who have skills in computer technology, engineering, advanced math, problem solving and creativity. This isn't the manufacturing career of your grandparents' generation known for dull, repetitive line work. Computer automation and other technological advances have changed manufacturing, and in turn, have transformed the workforce. Women may not have traditionally looked to careers in manufacturing, but as the industry changes, as well as the times, women increasingly see the promising careers this industry holds.

Careers In Manufacturing Are Not What You Might Imagine

Too often, manufacturing jobs are misrepresented as dirty, dangerous work or too physically demanding for women. This could not be further from the truth. Because of the hi-tech nature of the industry today, the manufacturing floor is a clean space with computer-operated machines. Employers are often looking for workers with computer science or engineering degrees to perform tasks like programming, operations, and problem solving, regardless of their gender.

With unemployment at record lows in New Hampshire, manufacturing is a promising option, even for women who had not previously considered the industry. Companies are competing for the best, and brightest employees, and women are increasingly taking advantage of these shortages to their benefit. 

Are careers in manufacturing satisfying?

If you've never thought about careers in manufacturing before, how do you know if it's right for you? Research on job satisfaction in manufacturing shows that women in the field like their jobs and would recommend a career in manufacturing to other women. The organization Women in Manufacturing conducted a survey in 2014 which showed more than 80 percent of women believe manufacturing offers interesting and challenging work, and nearly 75 percent said it offers some potential career paths.

The idea of breaking into the field can sometimes be overwhelming, especially to women who are wary of working in a male-dominated field. Careers in manufacturing are still primarily occupied by men, but that is beginning to change. Women and men alike are drawn to jobs where they can make things and use problem-solving skills, as well as the skills they acquired in school. Engineering programs at New Hampshire's University System are offering classes in advanced manufacturing, and women who study engineering at these schools are seeing the promising opportunities this career path can take. For women who are fascinated by how things are made, careers in manufacturing can be gratifying.

Many people, not just women, choose careers in manufacturing because it is an evolving industry with potential for continued growth. Many companies, including Hitchiner Manufacturing, offer continued training and advanced education. For example, Hitchiner has an employee education program that provides onsite training as well as reimbursement for some higher education, allowing those who seek further education, or a degree to obtain those goals.

Another benefit to careers in manufacturing, at least in New Hampshire, is that many employers are based locally and in the case of Hitchiner Manufacturing, are privately owned and have the feel of a family business. Supporting employees, through job training as well as with very competitive benefits and a no cost on-site health clinic for employees, spouses and dependents, has long been a priority for Hitchiner Manufacturing. Employees also feel connected to the community. Many live in Milford, where Hitchiner headquarters are located, or in a nearby town. Our employees are active in their communities, as is the company which supports a number of local non-profits.

Women who are looking for a job that has a rewarding future with room for advancement and a competitive salary should look to manufacturing as a possible career choice.

Career Opportunities At Hitchiner Manufacturing

Hitchiner employees are our most valuable asset, and full-time careers are available.  At Hitchiner, we are dedicated to seeing that each team member is treated with fairness and respect. Hitchiner is a leader in workforce development and we are proud to invest in your success by providing tuition assistance. Learn why 60% of our employees have stayed with Hitchiner Manufacturing for over ten years.