Entry Level Manufacturing Jobs Are The Right Choice For Career Growth


Entry Level Manufacturing Jobs Are Available Now in NH

Choosing a career path can be a difficult choice. There are so many different industries, each with their own pros and cons. People want a job that's engaging enough to keep each workday interesting, not the same boring routine day-in and day-out. They also want to work for a company that values its employees, offers reliable work hours, good pay, benefits, and some perks. Young people especially want to work for a company where they can learn and grow a long-term career.

If you are just starting your career and this sounds similar to what you're looking for in a job, you should take a look at what manufacturing jobs have to offer.

Benefits of Manufacturing Jobs

There is sometimes a misconception that manufacturing jobs are scarce and the positions are not reliable, but over the past three decades, U.S.-manufactured goods exports have quadrupled. In fact, manufacturing jobs are not only secure, but many entry-level positions need to be filled that come with some real benefits. Here are just a few:

You are creating tangible things that people need. We often hear from young people that they are looking for a job that challenges their mind and makes them feel like they are making a difference in the world. They also want a job that doesn't leave them stuck behind a desk all day. Manufacturing offers entry-level positions working in an industry that makes tangible goods, whether it's parts for aircraft or programming machines that create life-saving drugs. 

You are using your brain to figure out problems. Jobs in manufacturing, from design to engineering, require people to think creatively to solve problems and improve operations. While some worry manufacturing jobs are repetitive, there are machines that do most of that work today. Employees are tasked with coming up with programs to operate the machines and finding other ways to do the job better.

You work with cutting edge tech. Manufacturing has always driven innovation, whether it's using 3D printing to create parts, creating networks for the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), operating drones, or finding new uses for robotics. Manufacturing often adopts new technologies before they become available to consumers. If you like getting your hands on new tech, a manufacturing job is a great career choice.

Workers are in high demand. As older workers retire, more jobs are becoming available in the manufacturing industry, including in leadership. There are also opportunities at manufacturing companies besides engineering, such as sales, business development, marketing, product research and development, and human resources. In the next decade, 4.6 million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed, meaning lots of opportunity for a first job and career growth.

Jobs With Benefits

We've covered the benefits of working in manufacturing, but these jobs also have excellent benefits, as in health insurance, 401K retirement saving accounts, paid vacation and sick days, and many other perks unique to each company. For example, Hitchiner Manufacturing offers all employees access to our free, on-site health clinic where staff can get a physical, or get a sore throat checked out.

As a bonus, manufacturing jobs typically have regular hours and good pay. On average, a manufacturing job pays over $81,000 a year in salary and benefits. Manufacturing jobs also offer training opportunities and room for growth, allowing you to build a long-term career.

Free Workforce Training for Jobs in NH

One way Hitchiner Manufacturing is investing in local workers is by offering a free on-site engineering training program to its employees in partnership with Keene State College. The program includes 13 classes aimed at preparing students for entry-level salaried engineering employment opportunities at Hitchiner Manufacturing as well as preparing them for long-term career advancement. Hitchiner also offers internships for high school students who work alongside our employees in areas such as engineering, sales, marketing, and information technology.

If you consider the benefits and training opportunities that could lead to future for advancement, manufacturing jobs stand out as an excellent career for people entering the workforce.

Full-time manufacturing jobs with benefits are available now at Hitchiner Manufacturing in New Hampshire. We offer a free onsite health clinic, and provide tuition assistance. View our current career opportunities and learn why 60% of our employees have stayed with Hitchiner for over ten years. If you’re seeking an entry level job, stop by and fill out an application at 594 Elm Street Milford, NH 03055