Hitchiner Manufacturing Adds Behavioral Health Specialist to Clinic

Hitchiner Manufacturing Adds Behavioral Health Specialist to Clinic

Behavioral Health Treatment Now Available to Hitchiner Manufacturing Employees On-Site

Mental and behavioral health services are too often an overlooked aspect of basic health care. In New Hampshire, like many places across the country, there is a need for better access to mental health and drug treatment programs. To help address this need, Hitchiner Manufacturing has added a behavioral health specialist to its team of practitioners at the Hitchiner Health and Resource Center.

The center recently welcomed Susan Cater, PMHNP-BC, as the latest practitioner to join the staff at Hitchiner Manufacturing's onsite health clinic. Cater is a board-certified mental health nurse practitioner. She is certified to provide medicated assisted treatment and is available for both therapy appointments and medication management for employees, spouses, and dependents.

She came to Hitchiner Manufacturing through its partnership with Southern New Hampshire Health and Foundation Medical Partners. 

Tim Sullivan, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Services, said the lack of mental health services has been an issue in the news, and that several employees have spoken to the company about the need for greater access. This includes treatment and counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief counseling, and drug treatment services.

"We’re a drug-free workplace, but this may be something that may be impacting spouses or dependents, and we wanted to have that resource available," said Sullivan. "It is a way Hitchiner can help with the opioid crisis and get people the help they need."

Hitchiner Manufacturing employees had access to mental health services through the company's insurance program, but having someone to treat employees and patients in Hitchiner's on-site clinic, which is free for employees, spouses, and dependents to use, makes it much easier for employees to get the treatment they need. It is also a way for employees to get more personalized treatment. Often, providers are prescribing mental health treatment as part of a larger treatment plan for medical conditions. By having access to medical and mental health treatment in one place and close to work, it provides treatment for the whole person.

History of the Hitchiner Manufacturing Health Resource Center

About ten years ago, Hitchiner Manufacturing saw that the data coming back from the insurance carrier showed the employees at Hitchiner needed to improve their health. Some employees were not managing chronic conditions as they should. Others were skipping annual wellness check-ups. The company wanted to find ways to help employees get the care they needed, and found education alone wasn't working. The company then decided to open an on-site health clinic that provides basic medical care, from treatment for colds and the flu to chronic illness management.

One of the goals of the clinic is to eliminate a lot of the barriers people face when seeking health treatments. Doctors on staff can serve as primary care physicians, employees can access care while on the clock, and treatment is free. Visiting the Hitchiner Health Resource Center doesn't even count towards an employee's deductible.

More Than Just Basic Treatment

Hitchiner Manufacturing is continually looking for ways to improve care at the center. Recently, the Health & Resource Center began offering telehealth services connected to Southern New Hampshire Health immediate care facilities. When a doctor is not onsite, employees can still get a medical consultation via an online video connection. 

In addition, the Health & Resource Center offers nutrition services to assist patients with coronary artery disease and other conditions that benefit from an improved diet. These employees are often hearing from their doctors they need to eat better, but they aren't always making the connection when it's time for lunch. To make diet changes more convenient, a Southern New Hampshire Health nutritionist collaborated with the on-site food services to create breakfast and lunch options that align with the diet advice employees are getting. Thanks to this new addition, it's now easier than ever for employees to eat healthy. 

The Hitchiner Health and Resource Center is free for employees, their spouses, and dependents. Click here for more information about Hitchiner Manufacturing's on-site health clinic, general benefits. Click here for or employment opportunities.