Manufacturing Jobs and Career Growth For Gen Y High School Grads

Jobs and Career Growth For Gen Y High School Grads in Manufacturing

Career Growth For Gen Y High School Graduates

Now is an excellent time for young workers looking for a job that promises career growth. With unemployment at record lows and companies expanding throughout New Hampshire, our state's younger workers can find many opportunities that will give them good, long-term careers.

Manufacturing is one area that has particular promise for long-term career growth. Manufacturing is about 10% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) accounting for roughly 2 trillion dollars. Companies are reporting new growth and increased investments and they are looking for ways to not only fill new positions but to fill the ranks of older workers who are retiring. For Gen Y workers, those ages 18 to 35, manufacturing is an area where companies are looking for their next generation of workers. By investing in young workers, companies provide them with an opportunity for career growth in good-paying jobs while also meeting their own needs for skilled workers.

Innovation and expansion lead to career growth

A recent survey of manufacturing companies shows that more than half of the companies surveyed plan to expand in the coming years. The annual report Industry Market Barometer shows that business has been growing in the manufacturing sector in recent years, quite the reversal the industry saw in previous decades. One of the ways companies are growing is through innovation. About 67 percent of those surveyed said they have immediate plans to introduce new or innovative products and services. When companies invest in innovation, new products, and services, it is a chance for workers to invest in their own career growth. By learning a new process, or working on an area of expansion, workers can be a part of a company's future.

Here are some ways companies are innovating:

  • Adding more advanced CAD software, CNC (computer numerical control) equipment, and cloud computing to increase productivity

  • Using additive manufacturing to make customer products

  • Using “visual boards” for top-line views of their plants

  • Giving workers smartphones and tablets to monitor inventory and pricing

  • Upgrading facilities to more closely monitor output and product related expenses 

Most importantly, these innovations here in the United States show that companies are making long-term investments and are here to stay. The result is exceptional job security and inherent career growth for Gen Y workers.

Worker age gap

Today's manufacturing workers are more often than not above the age of 45. Across the manufacturing industry, only about 25% of workers are under the age of 35. As these older workers move closer to retirement, companies are looking to invest in younger workers to ensure they will maintain the same level of skill and institutional knowledge in the years to come.

One of the biggest challenges to addressing the age gap is fighting the negative perception careers in manufacturing unfortunately still carry. Gen Y workers often are not aware of the hi-tech innovations happening in manufacturing and the highly skilled and collaborative working environment. Workers need to be well-trained and have keen problem-solving skills. Additive and automated manufacturing require workers who are skilled with computers and can learn new things quickly. By learning on the job through available training, young workers can find an exceptional job that also offers plenty of career growth.

Training program to job

Companies throughout the country are now working closely with local high schools, community colleges, technical schools, and universities to offer rewarding and highly valuable internships, training programs and apprenticeships that entice young workers and students to consider manufacturing as a future career. And according to the study mentioned above, 51 percent of manufacturers recruit young workers from apprenticeship and internship programs.

Here at Hitchiner we have our own training and internship programs, including our high school internship program and our three-year engineering training program in conjunction with Keene State College. This Manufacturing Engineering Certificate program is available to Hitchiner employees looking for career growth and requires completing 400 hours of classroom instruction. This on-the-job training is free and offers workers similar classes you would find in a four-year degree program. 

If you are interested in learning more about a job at Hitchiner click here. If you’re currently looking for an entry level career with training opportunities, pay us a visit and apply for a position at 594 Elm Street Milford, NH 03055

Career Opportunities At Hitchiner Manufacturing

Hitchiner employees are our most valuable asset, and full-time careers are available now in New Hampshire.  We are dedicated to seeing that each team member is treated with fairness and respect, and we are proud to invest in your success by providing tuition assistance. Hitchiner is a leader in workforce development, placing a high value on education and training.