Not Your Father's Factory - Cutting Edge Manufacturing Jobs In NH

Cutting Edge Manufacturing Jobs In NH

Learn Why Manufacturing Jobs Are An Excellent Career Choice

When most people think about manufacturing jobs, an image of working on an assembly line or a repetitive, low-skill job comes to mind. Some may think these jobs offer low pay and no future for advancement. Those old images are outdated and quite far off from the hi-tech environment you will find in most manufacturing jobs today. The reality is most modern manufacturing jobs offer a range of opportunities including good salaries and benefits, training to advance, flexible schedules and clean, comfortable working environments.

Across the United State, 22% of skilled manufacturing workers, roughly 2.7 million employees, will retire in the next ten years. With fewer workers being added, there will be a lack of incoming replacements, and the industry could be up to 2 million workers short of its needs in the coming years. For companies in New Hampshire where unemployment is exceptionally low, this problem is even more severe. This is good news for the job seeker if he or she knows where to look. Manufacturing jobs are an exceptional place to start.

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Manufacturing jobs for young people

The young people of today were raised on technology, and they want to work for companies that are welcoming to tech and digital tools, while also providing an environment where they can make a real difference, not just operate a machine. Unfortunately, not all young people know about manufacturing as a career option. Working in the industry can satisfy their need to work in a tech-savvy environment where their input is valued. Some firms are adding "smart technology" to their supply chains and are looking for young people to use emerging big data skills to increase efficiencies. At Hitchiner, we are always innovating and welcome hearing from both newer staff and seasoned workers about how we can make our company better.

When it comes to manufacturing jobs today, there are fewer and fewer jobs where staff sit at dirty machines that require performing repetitive tasks. In fact, robotics now handle many repetitive tasks, and the jobs are more focused on planning and creative problem-solving. Jobs are engineering solutions and finding ways to improve products and methods. The work environment is another important aspect of job satisfaction, and today's manufacturing industry has created a new generation of modern, clean, bright plants. Whether it’s manufacturing medical devices or custom investment castings like Hitchiner makes, manufacturing floors must remain neat, clean and safe. 

Training for manufacturing jobs

The manufacturing industry has been working hard to change the general public's perception of careers in the field. For those who have learned about the promising opportunities in manufacturing, not all have the skills needed to begin a job on the manufacturing floor. Many companies are partnering with schools to fill that gap. Hitchiner has partnered with Keene State College and local high schools to offer training programs that can lead directly to work.

There's a good reason why people want to launch a career in manufacturing. Manufacturing wages rose 60% between 1996 and 2016 and has not declined year-over-year during that time. For those without an advanced degree after high school, this can be particularly promising. The U.S. Labor Department recently placed on its "10 Good Jobs That Don't Require A Degree," millwrights, industrial machinery mechanics, and machinery maintenance workers.

Not only are companies training people to fill open manufacturing jobs, but they are also training people for promotions and long-term growth. At Hitchiner, we have a program for employees that offers college-level classes that will train for future advancement in the company.

With wages on the rise, satisfying work environments and job openings in a variety of fields, it's clear why manufacturing offers a promising future.

Job Opportunities At Hitchiner Manufacturing

Full-time careers are available now at Hitchiner Manufacturing in New Hampshire, and we are proud to invest in your success by providing tuition assistance. Hitchiner is a leader in workforce development, placing a high value on education and training. Learn why 60% of our employees have stayed with Hitchiner for over ten years.