Why A Manufacturing Job Is The Right Career Choice Now

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Manufacturing Jobs in New Hampshire Lead To High Paying Careers

Manufacturing jobs employ more than 60,000 people in New Hampshire, and the industry is one of the main drivers of the state's economy. Low unemployment rates and a shortage of workers in the region mean that there is ample opportunity for people looking to switch to a career in manufacturing, especially with by taking advantage of one of the many training programs being offered at community colleges and four-year schools across the state.

Opportunities for education

In recent years, companies in New Hampshire have begun working closely with schools to make it easier to train and recruit workers for these good-paying, stable jobs. In the Monadnock Region, for example, employers have worked with Keene State College to develop the Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing. Another effort includes Manufacturing Week, held in years past by the New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the state's Division of Resources and Economic Development, the NH Business and Industry Association, the New Hampshire High Tech Council, the Community College System of NH, Keene State College, the New Hampshire Department of Education, as well as many other partners. This event had roughly 1,100 New Hampshire students participate in recent years, taking tours at 54 companies, and with hundreds more visiting community colleges to learn about the many manufacturing programs being offered, including on-the-job training and other efforts to train people for manufacturing jobs.

Hitchiner has been a leader in workforce development in New Hampshire and has participated in Manufacturing Week as well as many other efforts to train workers for the promising careers a manufacturing job can offer. Even with advances in automation, companies are hiring. Advances in manufacturing have opened doors to new kinds of manufacturing jobs for people interested in computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and other high-tech fields, as well.

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Eight Reasons To Consider A Career In Manufacturing

Here are some reasons why people are just starting out in their careers, or others looking to change careers, will find many opportunities with a manufacturing job.

  1. There's a big need: Manufacturing is seeing large numbers of baby boomers retiring and the pool of candidates who have the skills today to fill those openings is small. There are many job openings available for people willing to train for the positions.

  2. Good pay and plenty of perks: Studies of wages and salaries show that manufacturing jobs pay higher than average wages. Nationally, manufacturing jobs pay $25.58 an hour compared to the U.S. average of $21.32 an hour. Plus many companies have quality perks to offer workers to entice them into a long-term career. At Hitchiner, one of our more popular benefits is an on-site health care clinic that is free to employees and their immediate families.

  3. Safe, clean, high-tech workplace: Out are the days of dirty, unsafe factories. Today's companies meet high standards of workplace safety, and with more automation, manufacturing floors feature technology rather than dirty out-dated machinery. This includes robotics, computer automation and other innovative technologies.

  4. Investment in workers: Manufacturers have partnered with the University of New Hampshire System, community colleges, high schools, and other organizations to invest in meaningful workforce training that leads directly to a manufacturing job. School can be expensive, so many people are drawn to these training programs. They know once they graduate or complete a certification, they will recoup those expenses with a job. In some cases, companies like Hitchiner offer training to employees at no cost to them to ensure they maintain the skills needed to do their jobs well and advance in their careers.

  5. Manufacturing is a growing industry: After decades of declines, manufacturing jobs are growing. For example, Hitchiner is hiring roughly 80 people to fill positions at its planned expanded facility in Milford. According to a 2015 study, the U.S. manufacturing industry will add nearly 3.4 million jobs over the next decade to meet demand both here and abroad.

  6. It's about building something: At Hitchiner, we make parts for the automotive, aerospace and defense contracting industries. Our employees are proud of the fact they have a part in building the cars driving around their town or the planes flying overhead. Not every job today offers that.

  7. Different shifts offer flexibility: Not everyone is a 9 to 5 worker, although there are plenty of day jobs available in manufacturing. For those who like to work later or have to balance caring for a family or going to school, working a late or early shift can give people greater flexibility while also taking home a competitive salary. Manufacturing often works in two to three shifts, so these options are more available in a manufacturing job than in any other industry.

  8. Manufacturing companies can be small or family-run businesses: Working for a large corporation has its perks, but some prefer the feel of a small or family run company. Hitchiner is a privately owned company that has been headquartered in Milford for decades. The people who work here, from the most entry-level person to senior management, also live here and are rooted in the community. 

Career Opportunities At Hitchiner Manufacturing

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