Seeking Career Growth? A Look At Manufacturing Job Benefits


Learn Some Of The Top Reasons To Consider A Manufacturing Job

During the past few decades, manufacturing in America has undergone a major transformation. Gone are the days of boring, low-paying jobs and dirty, dangerous workplaces. Today's manufacturing jobs are more likely to require training in computer science, engineering or project management. These jobs are anything but boring, requiring workers to problem solve and look for ways to improve how the company does its work.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should give a job in manufacturing a second look.

Manufacturing Jobs are Hi-Tech

Before consumers had access to 3D printing, drones, the internet and a number of other technological advances of the past decade, they were being used in manufacturing. If working in a high-tech field is your goal, you can't get more cutting edge than a career in advanced manufacturing. Using technology to increase efficiency and make jobs safer has long been an important part of the manufacturing industry and will continue as a new generation of tech-savvy college graduates look to leave their mark on the industry.

Exciting Work

Want to design a better jet engine, increase fuel efficiency for consumer vehicles, or make life-saving drugs? Manufacturing jobs are firmly grounded in creating something. Whether it's the automotive, defense contracting or aerospace industry, being a part of manufacturing means taking part in building the future. 

Clean and Safe Workplace

High-tech manufacturing plants are some of the cleanest work environments in the country. Regulations and safety protocols ensure that workers are kept out of harm’s way, while automation and other tech advances are automating dangerous jobs. Companies today are looking for ways to work smarter, and safety of their employees is a big part of that effort.

Room for Advancement

Today's manufacturing companies are always looking for talented, hardworking people with aspirations to advance in their career. Once in your manufacturing sector, there are many opportunities. At Hitchiner, we have seen a number of our employees rise through the ranks over the years. To encourage employee advancement, Hitchiner has training programs where employees can seek higher education. We see it as a win-win. Our employees get to advance in their career and make more money while we gain a loyal and valuable employee.

Beyond engineering and other technical jobs, there are plenty of jobs available in manufacturing sales and business development, marketing, human resources and administration. These jobs offer the same benefits as jobs on the manufacturing floor in most cases, including health benefits and competitive pay.

Great Pay

Speaking of competitive pay, manufacturing jobs consistently pay above-average wages. In addition, manufacturing companies offer solid benefits, such as health care, life insurance, 401K retirement funds, paid time off for sick days, paid vacation and more. At Hitchiner, we have an onsite health clinic for employees and their immediate family. When a worker needs a wellness check or isn't feeling well, they can stop by the clinic and get free treatment.

Be Part of NH's Growing Economy

New Hampshire has been experiencing a strong economy for nearly a decade, and manufacturing has been enjoying some of that success. With unemployment consistently under 3 percent, companies are competing for the best workers, offering better pay and benefits to entice them. The good economy means that other businesses and services are experiencing success as well and even in small towns like Milford, where Hitchiner is located, people can find locally owned shops, restaurants and cafes that are thriving. 

Because New Hampshire is an older state, we too are seeing older workers retire and the need for young, energetic workers grow. There are many opportunities if you are looking for a manufacturing job, especially in New Hampshire. 

Career Opportunities At Hitchiner Manufacturing

Hitchiner employees are our most valuable asset, and full-time careers with benefits are available now in New Hampshire.  We are dedicated to your health with our free on-site clinic, and your success by providing tuition assistance. Hitchiner is a leader in workforce development, placing a high value on education and training. View our current career opportunities and learn why 60% of our employees have stayed with Hitchiner for over ten years. If you’re seeking an entry level job, stop by and fill out an application at 594 Elm Street Milford, NH 03055